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Men's Classic Heated Vest
Heated Vest for Women
Women's Classic Heated Vest
Evonicc 7.4V Power Bank
30% Larger Heating Areas then Ohters
16000mAh Brings Long Lasting Warmth
9 premium carbon fiber heating elements cover 6 core areas, including the neck, chest, abdomen, back, and waist, providing continuous warmth to the body's core, accelerating blood circulation, and relieving body pain.
Powered by the compact yet powerful 7.4V 16000mAh custom battery, the heated vest rapidly heats up within seconds, providing up to 10 hours of continuous operation on a single charge, ensuring you stay warm and comfortable throughout your day.
Voice from Customers
"It heats up really quickly, you can feel it starting to warm up your core within 5 seconds of switching it on."
"Compared to other brands that only have 4 heating zones, this Evonicc heated vest is very cost-effective with 9 carbon fiber heating zones. It is necessary for the shoulders to be heated. But many brands do not have this feature. Evonicc did it."
I really like this heated vest. Keep warm and stylish at the same time. I like that it is 7.4v which provides more warmth and power than a USB heated vest. The 16,000mah battery lasts a long time, I am able to go fishing for hours with nice warmth.
Michael Jenkins
Beat the Cold in Style: Explore Evonicc Trendy Heated Clothing Range for All Ages!
Women's Heated Vest
3 levels of temperature settings (from 113℉ to 158℉)
One-Click operation, easy to care.
Men's Heated Vest
01 Q:I received my vest today. How do I get it to turn on?
1, Insert the power cable (located on the left side of the lining, close to the waist) into the DC port of the battery. 2, Press and hold the button on your apparel (located on the left side of the chest) for 3 seconds to turn it on. You can also choose to turn on specific zones you want instead of all zones. 3, Short press the light button to turn OFF/ON the light. Press and hold for 3S to turn ON/OFF the heating function.
02 Q:Can I wear or carry this heated clothing on the airplane?
Yes, our power bank is TSA free. Both the power bank and the heated apparel can be taken on the plane.
However, please note that if you need to check in the heated apparel, remember to take out the power bank and carry it with you. Generally, airlines do not allow power banks to be checked in.
03 Q:Can I turn off the switch indicator light of the heated vest? I don't want to draw too much attention, especially when I go hunting.
Yes, you can easily turn off the light by pressing the main button, and press it again to turn the light back on.
04 Q:What do the changing colors on the ring around the temperature button match?
The vest has three heat settings, when you hold the button in to turn it pre-heats on high red, then will go to medium (white). You can then adjust to the setting you want by pushing the button each click cycles through one setting, red being high white medium and blue low. The lower the temp setting the longer the battery pack lasts.
— FAQs About Apparel —
01 Q:Why is the output of the power bank a round-head DC port instead of a USB port? I can't use my own battery pack to charge.
The advantages of the DC port: 1. A 7.4V DC port allows faster heating compared with a 5V USB port, you can heat your vest in seconds on very cold days. 2. Our heating area of the vest is very large, so some power banks of 5V cannot make it work. 3. For safe use, we recommend only using Evonicc’s specially-designed batteries to power the heated apparel, using other power banks may cause defectiveness on the vest.
02 Q:Does the vest have a separate pocket to store the battery? That way, I can keep my hands in my pocket without any impact.
Yes, our heated vest has a pocket for storing the battery. It is located on the inner lining of the left side, near the waist, so it won't restrict your movement or take up the space of your side pockets.
03 Q:How to know the remaining battery power of the power bank and how to know when it is fully charged?
Press the button on the top of the power bank, and the LCD screen will display the remaining power.
During charging, the LED display will display the charging status of the battery in real time. When it displays 100%, it means it is fully charged.
04 Q:How long can the heating vest work with a fully charged battery?
It depends on the temperature level you set. Generally speaking, High heat levels can last for 4 hours, Medium for 6 hours, and Low can last up to 10 hours.
— FAQs About Battery —